Since the second half of 2018 I have started offering hypnosis to my clients as a part of the counselling service I provide. 

At the moment my main focus is the work with phobias (especially the plane flying phobia), tension and stress related relaxation, problems with insomnia and self-confidence issues. 

Hypnotherapy is considered to be an effective therapeutic tool, however, the success of hypnotherapy is very much connected with client’s motivation to make the desired changes, which shifts the energy of the client towards their active effort to make the desired changes happen. If the motivation is not there, the success rate is very low. 

Trust that develops naturally between the client and the counsellor becomes even more important element of the process of healing in case of hypnosis. When basic sense of trust has been successfully established, the success rate of using hypnosis in counselling is much higher.

In hypnosis the process of communication between the counsellor and the client engages the unconscious mind of the client. The unconscious mind is such mental space where we know certain things on a very deep level but when we are asked about them without hypnosis, we struggle to give any answer. Communication with the unconscious mind of the client is done through creating a state of relaxation and through imagination based exercises that lead to implementation of the desired changes in client’s life.

When client experiences the pleasant state of hypnosis, they can be told a symbolic story illustrating their problem and a possible way of solving it, they could be invited to use certain symbolic tools/objects to be more successful in what they are planning to do. They can also be offered direct suggestions about the desired life changes and their own qualities or initiatives to make these changes happen for themselves.  

I am a member of GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) in Practitioner Member category.

If you wish to read more about hypnotherapy this NHS website briefly summarises all key information about the process