If you are in a relationship and your experience gives you a reason to worry about your present and your future in regards to your romantic relationship, couple counselling could make a difference for you and your partner.

Couple counselling could help couples enact positive changes in their lives, enrich the views on the relationship with new perspectives, learn to stop the “blame game” that leads to a relationship break-up. In the process of counselling partners might modify their dysfunctional behaviour which means that after a couple of sessions they might change the ways they behave with each other.

Couple counselling decreases emotional avoidance between partners. Couples having relationship problems might avoid expressing their real Emotional Needs. Such avoidance creates a high risk for partners to become emotionally distant and grow apart. Expressing their needs for emotional exchange with each other creates a deeper sense of closeness between partners who reconnect with each other and who regain the sense of their future together.

Emotional expression could be problematic especially when partners have already created their own ways of doing things their own way that stopped serving them at some point. Couple therapy might then address how partners could improve their ways to for example communicate more effectively without using so called Love Busters like abusive language and psychological manipulation in a form of ridiculing or ignoring each other in response to true feelings.

Couple therapy promotes strengths of the existing relationship and builds resilience for partners to overcome current and new problems that might enter into their life at any time in the future.

In my work with couples I use the Love Bank Relationship Recovery Model introduced by dr Willard Harley Jr and the Psychogenetics Approach introduced by Anne Teachworth.