Attitudes to the fee for therapy appear to vary considerably- from the defiantly pro-fee stance pointing to the counsellor’s training and other investment into his or her vocation, to a considerable unease about the exchange of money for carrying attention. This may stem from the common belief that caring should ideally be given freely by one human being to another.

Freud and other psychoanalytic writers see the “sacrificial” fee as an important part of the therapeutic process. The fee, they argue, increases commitment, provides a motivation to end therapy, and is a way of grounding the relationship in reality.

Source: fragment of the article “For a fee or for free?” by Dannie Rosenhammer published in Therapy Today, April 2013



If choice, flexibility, confidentiality and autonomy are important to you, you should consider paying for your own mental health treatment. It may be the best investment in your future you ever make [by Howie Lambert, Ph.D.]



Standard individual counselling sessions last for 50 minutes and cost £50, sessions for couples cost £60 (London). Prices for sessions in Gillingham are lower than prices for sessions in London. Sessions are usually organized once a week in a form of face to face meetings.

Skype or telephone counselling available for clients in specific circumstances.

I do not accept telephone calls where the telephone number is witheld.

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